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Talmudic Biblical Interpretation
  • Talmudic Biblical Interpretation

    Four one-hour recordings taught by Rabbi Dr. David Moster. Each session has its own video, mp3, and PDF. Satisfaction guaranteed. 


    This course explores the biblical interpretations of the Talmudic Rabbis, who both revered the biblical text and transformed it dramatically. Themes include Rabbinic methodology, the fluid idea of biblical canon, and  how the Rabbis reimagined biblical books and characters. The following topics are discussed in detail:


    • Session 1
      • From the Bible to the Talmud
      • Hallmarks of Rabbinic Interpretation
      • How many commandments are there?
      • What happened to the נ-verse of Ps. 145?
    • Session 2
      • Was the Torah written book by book? 
      • How "big" is the oral law?
      • Who Decides What Is Biblical?
      • The Power of Interpretation: Song of Songs
      • The Order and Authors of Biblical Books
    • Session 3
      • Theme: Biblical characters reimagined
      • The anonymous wood gatherer
      • Hannah and the laws of prayer
      • Why Samson lost his eyes
      • The meaning of Delilah's name
      • Ruth's modesty
    • Session 4
      • The Bible of the Rabbis and us today
      • Limiting the Bible: The Case of Ben Sira
      • Shabbat of the Bible, Mishnah, Talmud, and Today
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