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Biblical Hebrew Study Group

For those who have completed the Biblical Hebrew course or its equivalent, we invite you to join a weekly Biblical Hebrew study group with Rabbi Dr. Moster.


Quick Facts

・Text: Readings from דְבָרִים/Deuteronomy
・Goal: Translate on our own
・Format: Everyone reads one or more verses - no formal lecture
・Dates: 12 Thursdays from July 6th to September 28th 2023
・Time: 11am ET/8am PT
・Length: 1 hour
・Study with friends and have fun
・Don't worry if you're rusty: we will review every word together
・Preparation is encouraged but not necessary

・Pay what you wish:

Basic - $360 
Supporter - ​$900 ($540 donation)
Sustainer - $1800 ($1,440 donation)

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