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The Giving Library

Made possible by a donation from Dr. David Marcus

After an illustrious career as Professor of Bible and Masorah at the Jewish Theological Seminary, Dr. David Marcus donated his 2,319-book library to the Institute of Biblical Culture to be disseminated as a gift to the public free-of-charge. The library contains many rare and out-of-print books and has six subject areas:

Assyriology (completed)

Semitic Languages (current)

Hebrew Bible

Bible and Ancient Near East

General Bible Studies

Post-Biblical Studies

Semitic Languages Highlights

We received more than 100 requests for Semitic Languages and most books have been assigned. Stay tuned for our third giveaway, Hebrew Bible. 

All Semitic Languages volumes are listed in this document 

Interested in Biblical Hebrew for yourself or a student?

Who can apply?

  • Any individual, group, library, or institution may apply for books. 

  • The one exception is people intending to sell books.

  • If you live outside the USA please provide us with the name and address of a US resident willing to accept the books on your behalf.

How does it work?

  • We'll ship the books to a USA address and send you a bill for the shipping and handling.

  • We cannot guarantee any books. Two hundred people requested last time. The more specific the subject area the more likely the book will be available.

  • It may take a few weeks or months for your package to arrive. 

  • Any books you receive are 100% yours to keep and enjoy. Donations are gladly accepted but not necessary.

Shipping and Handling Cost​​

  • Shipping

    • Books ship within the United States via USPS Media Mail, which is a reduced rate determined by weight.

    • One book is usually $3 to $5 and four books are usually under $10. Weight prices are listed here.

  • Handling

    • Every order includes a $5 fee that covers shipping materials.

  • You will be sent a shipping bill once your package is sent. 

  • Examples

    • One book would cost approximately $8 ($3 shipping, $5 handling)

    • Four books would cost approximately $11 ($6 shipping, $5 handling)

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