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Book Giveaway
Made possible by a donation from Dr. David Marcus

After an illustrious career as Professor of Bible and Masorah at the Jewish Theological Seminary, Dr. David Marcus donated his 2,319-book library to the Institute of Biblical Culture to be disseminated as a gift to the public free-of-charge. The library contains many rare and out-of-print books and has six subject areas:

Current Giveaway 
Hebrew Bible Commentaries & Miscellaneous 

Bible and Ancient Near East

General Bible Studies

Post-Biblical Studies



Semitic Languages 

Hebrew Bible Commentaries & Miscellaneous  Highlights

All volumes are listed here:

Sorting and shipping the books

We have delivered books to students and professors at:

Jewish Theological Seminary, Yeshiva University, Bar-Ilan University, Brown, U of Pennsylvania, Wheaton, Notre Dame, Harvard, U of Georgia, Yale, FIT, Biola, Warren Wilson College, U of Chicago, U of Quebec, Western Washington U, Princeton Theological, Morgan Library, Bard, MassArt, Clemson, St. Joseph's U, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, Case Western, Berkeley, BYU, NYU, U of Texas at Austin, Brandeis, San Francisco State, Macquarie U, Catholic U of America, Tel Aviv U, UCLA, Westminster Theological, Hebrew Union College, Brooklyn Museum, Boston College, Trinity Evangelical, Heritage Christian, Marquette, U of Toronto, U of Washington, UC Davis, Johnson U, U of Michigan, Loma Linda U, Sacred Heart Major U, U of the Free State, U of Richmond, Talbot Theological, Trinity College Dublin, Trinity International U, NC Wesleyan U, Nova Southeastern U, John Witherspoon College, Beth Mardutho

Interested in Biblical Hebrew for yourself or a student?

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Who can apply?

  • Any individual, group, library, or institution may apply for books. 

  • The books are meant to be enjoyed, not sold.

  • If you live outside the USA please provide us with the name and address of a US resident willing to accept the books on your behalf.

How does it work?

  • We'll ship the books to a USA address and email you a bill for the shipping and handling.

  • We cannot guarantee any books you request.

  • Let us know which books are most important to you. This helps us decide which books should go where.

  • We are a small operation and it may take a few months for your package to arrive. 

  • Any books you receive are 100% yours to keep and enjoy.

  • Donations are appreciated but not necessary.

Shipping and Handling Cost​​

  • Shipping

    • Books ship within the United States via USPS Media Mail, which is a reduced rate determined by weight.

    • One book is usually $3 to $5 and four books are usually under $10. A large box can be $20. Weight prices are listed here.

  • Handling

    • Every order includes a $5 fee that covers shipping materials.

  • You will be sent a shipping bill once your package is sent. 

  • Examples

    • One book would cost approximately $8 ($3 shipping, $5 handling)

    • Four books would cost approximately $11 ($6 shipping, $5 handling)

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