Biblical Hebrew 2022-2023

Make friends, have fun, and learn to read the Hebrew Bible

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With Rabbi Dr. David Moster
Director, Institute of Biblical Culture
Adjunct Professor at the Jewish Theological Seminary

Learn to use Accordance
Bible Software

Quick Facts


・Beginners welcome
・38 live sessions on Zoom
・Thursdays 7:30-9pm EST
・July 7th 2022 to April 27th 2023
・1-2 hours of recommended homework per week

・Complete a year-long curriculum 
・Learn to use Accordance Bible software
・Translate passages on your own
・Potential credit for university and seminary
・Cost: $1800

This course has sold out the past two cycles and is expected to sell out again. 

"My eyes were opened to understanding biblical Hebrew and it gave me insight into why we see the different versions of our modern Bibles in English, Spanish, etc.  I have a new appreciation for the translation and interpretation of original language manuscripts."  
- Ralph A, Michigan


"Remarkable course providing a solid foundation for either moving forward on one’s own, or in a more formal setting.  To take one course and to already be able to tackle reading and translating passages and to have the tools to go beyond in just 40 sessions is remarkable."
- Lisa K, NY


"Fantastic course! It is never easy to learn a language as an adult, but this was both effective and fascinating. There was a minimum of rote learning. The emphasis was on conceptual understanding, which made it both fun and intellectually fascinating."
- Jack G, NYC


"I think Dr. Moster did a wonderful job teaching us Hebrew! I like that even though I had to miss some of the sessions, I could still keep up by using the recordings. I came away with a better understanding of the language and now my goal is to continue learning with the tools he has given us.Thank you for all of your efforts and hard work! You did a great job of teaching especially when you consider how everyone was at a different level in their knowledge of Hebrew!" -Gina H, Nebraska

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The Bible's Swiss-Army-Knife Letter

The Bible's Swiss-Army-Knife Letter
The Bible's Swiss-Army-Knife Letter

The Bible's Swiss-Army-Knife Letter

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How Biblical Hebrew Works

How Biblical Hebrew Works

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Some of the Best Puns in the Bible

Some of the Best Puns in the Bible

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7 Types of Rare Verses

7 Types of Rare Verses

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