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Biblical Hebrew Summer 2020

Make friends, have fun, and learn to read the Hebrew Bible.

Basic Information

36 Live and Online Sessions

Instructor: Rabbi Dr. David Moster

All Sessions Recorded

Meeting June, July, and August 2020

on Tue & Thur at 3pm ET, on Fri at 1pm ET

Grading Available Upon Request

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Before the course

We have 4 free-of-charge sessions in May for students who need help pronouncing Hebrew letters, vowels, and words.

Our Summer Study

Each session engages a portion of Pratico and Van Pelt's Basics of Biblical Hebrew. Over the summer we cover the equivalent of two semesters of Biblical Hebrew in Seminary or University. Student also choose their own passages to translate and present to the class. Students learn to use the translating tools provided by Accordance Bible software.

Lorraine's Story

At the beginning of Summer 2019, Lorraine could not even read the Aleph Bet. By the end of the summer she presented her own translation of Psalm 100.

"Fantastic! It is never easy to learn a language as an adult, but this was both effective and fascinating. There was a minimum of rote learning. The emphasis was on conceptual understanding, which made it both fun and intellectually fascinating." - Jack G., NYC

"I think you did a wonderful job teaching us Hebrew Dr. Moster! I like that even though I had to miss some of the sessions, I could still keep up by using the recordings. I came away with a better understanding of the language and now my goal is to continue learning with the tools you have given us.Thank you for all of your efforts and hard work! You did a great job of teaching especially when you consider how everyone was at a different level in their knowledge of Hebrew!" -Gina H., Nebraska

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Biblical Hebrew עברית מקראית