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Isaiah   ישעיהו

Isaiah ישעיהו

Four one-hour recordings taught by Rabbi Dr. David Moster. Each session has its own video, mp3, and PDF. Satisfaction 100% guaranteed. 


This course uses the lens of history to understand the different times, themes, and messages of the book of Isaiah. Special attention is paid to the interpretations of Isaiah that would come to be a litmus test between Judaism and Christianity. Specific topics include:


  • Session 1
    • Isaiah in other biblical books
    • The Judahite, Israelite, and Assyrian kings of Isaiah
    • Chapter 6: An Early Prophesy
      • Seeing God; God's throne room; Isaiah eager to serve
    • Chapter 7: Ahaz should trust in God
      • Who is the child Immanuel ("God is with us") in 7:14?
  • Session 2
    • Chapter 7 (continued): Who is Immanuel?
      • Christian and Jewish perspectives
      • Viewing Matthew as an interpreter
    • Chapters 10, 13, 23, 17, 14, 15, 19, 18
      • The Oracles Against the Nations:
      • Assyria, Babylon, Tyre, Damascus, Philistia, Egypt, Ethiopia
  • Session 3
    • What is "Second Isaiah"?
      • Why does 8th century Isaiah mention 6th century Cyrus?
      • Why isn't Isaiah mentioned after chapter 39?
      • First approach: One prophet, two periods
      • Second approach: Two prophets, two periods
    • Chapters 47-48: 6th Century Babylon?
    • God the Creator in Second Isaiah
    • Isaiah 54: Three Metaphors of Comfort
  • Session 4
    • What is Third Isaiah?
      • Chapters 59-63: Sin and the Restoration of Zion
    • Looking at Isaiah as a complete work
    • Final Topic: Who was the Suffering Servant of Isaiah 52-53?
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