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The Institute of Biblical Culture is a non-profit organization committed to advancing an in-depth knowledge of the Bible and its cultural world. Classes are taught by leading PhDs from both Jewish and Christian backgrounds, and students come from a number of religious and secular backgrounds themselves. We do hope you will be able to join us, whether for a live course or a recording.


The IBC Team


“These courses are so enticing you just want more. I am thrilled to be learning new things about texts I've studied my whole life.”

Lorraine E., Michigan, USA

“I really love the level of scholarship and the variety of courses, both of which are lacking elsewhere (and I've tried elsewhere!). The teaching is top-notch and everybody is pulled in, feeling as part of the group.​”

Philomena P., Blackpool, UK


“I really like the flexibility. There isn’t pressure to be anywhere at any time. I can join the class each week or watch all the recordings in one day. I also like how the courses are bite sized. It’s a great way to get introduced to the history and culture that surrounds Scripture.”

Jim F., Erie, PA